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I thought I'd throw up some before-during-after photos showing how I do my twilight shots.

Yeah, that's me out in 110 degree heat, getting eaten by mosquitos. Duty comes first :)


ForSMedia-5854ForSMedia-5854 As soon as the sun starts to set, I take a some bracketed shots to use as a base image for the twilight composite. Next, I flash everything. Each section of the house, the lawn, trees etc. get some light.  These will be used to contrast the elements against the darker sky.


gridgrid After shooting dark exposures for the sky, exterior lights and front facing rooms, it's on to Lightroom.

I'll select the best exposures and blend them in Photoshop. It takes a little time, but I love the final product.


ForSMedia-ForSMedia- Twilight shots feel so homey to me. They're warm and inviting; the want to make me run inside and put on some tea. Buyers seem to agree. I recently read some research that shows that homes listed with twilight shots sell better than those that don't. Of course, in this market, where people are scrambling to pay well over asking prices, the advantage might be slim. What doesn't change, is the WOW factor.

If this looks like something you'd like to use for your next listing, hit our contact page. 

I'd love to hear from you!


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